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SDK revision 2.3 (online edition)
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This is the alpha sdk revision for v0.9.5. This is the online edition may have broken links. Be sure to download the full SDK from the sketchstudio website.

Welcome to the JTablet SDK!  Whether you're interested in developing with JTablet or developing for JTablet, I'm glad you've decided to download it!

The JTablet plugin is an extremely simple and easy-to-use API designed to give you the bare essentials required to support tablet pressure in your java applications or applets.

To use the plugin you must first install it. You can download the latest version from the sketchstudio website.

Once it's installed you may try out demo 0.3 and demo 2.1 at the sketchstudio website.  This source code for these demos has been included in the src/cello/tablettest folder.  This demo uses the unreleased LUI API.


To learn the functions of JTablet, try the JTablet API javadocs.

Open Source?

So, the question is what license JTablet falls under, and how it's open source.  Basically my opinion is that JTablet isn't the end product, and it shouldn't be the limiting factor. Also, open source makes it easier to find mistakes and other users to contribute.

My feeling is that this deserves to be open-source, but I'd like any improvements or enhancements to stick with the original project.  This is mainly because I don't want numerous branches of JTablet floating around and confusing users!  If you have an improvement or enhancement you feel is vital for the plugin, I will gladly add it to the main branch.

I am also looking for people interested in porting JTablet to Mac, and any other platform that supports JNI and graphics tablets. A linux port is currently about halfway done, but incomplete.  If you would like to contribute to the linux version, let me know.

The Java source can be found in the src/ folder, the C++ source can be found in the c++src/ folder, and the Nullsoft Installer Info file can be found in c++src/ as well.


The easiest way to use JTablet in an applet is to simply add the jtablet.jar archive to your codebase.  If the user has JTablet installed, their version will override the included one, if not, the JTablet constructor will fail cleanly.

JTablet Test v0.3 (source)

JTablet Test v2.1 (source)


I can be reached via e-mail at marcello@cellosoft.com, or simply visit my website at marcello.cellosoft.com.

The official JTablet website is the Sketchstudio site on 2draw.net.  I suggest you check there for the latest information on JTablet and related programs.