JTablet 2.0 Alpha Release

This is an EXPERIMENTAL alpha release that may crash! Please use at your own risk!

Please report any problems you find to me at marcello@cellosoft.com.

Step 1: Download JTablet 2 (v1.2.5)

Step 2: Test JTablet

Make sure everything works.

Step 3: Go draw!

Here are some sites using JTablet to check out:

  • 2draw.net: a great place to draw online. includes multiple JTablet-enabled drawing applets
  • ArtGrounds: real-time collaborative drawing with Sketcher

Mac OS X notes

Modern browsers run Java in a separate process, preventing JTablet from accessing your tablet normally. To overcome this, JTablet 2 must talk directly to Mac OS X to get the tablet information. This is a little finicky, so if you have trouble, uninstall the JTablet 2 alpha.

JTablet is open source, if you'd like to contribute, check out the developer's page.

Uninstalling JTablet 2

Windows: you should be able to uninstall JTablet 2 from the control panel

Mac OS X: navigate to ~/Library/Java/Extensions (in your home directory) and remove the two JTablet files. If you installed JTablet for all users you will instead need to look in /Library/Java/Extensions on your HD. You can use the Go to folder command from the Go menu.

Developing for JTablet 2

Check out the developer's section.

For Questions

Contact me at marcello@cellosoft.com.