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JTablet provides a simple open-source (zlib license) interface for accessing tablet input in your Java applications.

JTablet 2.0 SDK (alpha API release)

JTablet 2 provides new event-based API using JPen to provide cross-platform driver support.

The goods

The JTablet 2.0 API is still being finalized, so please join the discussion group!

New features of JTablet 2

  • Event-based API supporting both tablets and mice
  • Fractional cursor coordinates
  • Full input rate (tested on tablets with 200 points per second)
  • Does not have to be reinstalled every time Java is updated
  • JTablet 0.9.5-compatible (supporting legacy applets on Mac OS X)
  • Cross-platform: Windows and Mac OS X support, with Linux support coming soon

Applications and Applets using JTablet

E-mail me to add yours!

JTablet 0.9.5 SDK [deprecated]

JTablet 0.9.5 provides a polling API for Windows (WinTab).

This version has been deprecated. It will no longer be supported once JTablet 2.0 launches.

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